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Years Working for CSM: Employed Since: 1993
Job Description: Sales
Phone: 336-292-0724
What do you do for your customers to make their experience with Carpet Super Mart great?

I do whatever it takes so that my customers and my coworkers' customers will have the best possible experience at Carpet Super Mart. This means taking care of the customer, taking care of the customer, and taking care of the customer. This equates to the best service before the sale, the best service during the sale, and the best service after the sale.

What makes your service superior? What are your talents when doing your job? How are you unique? What makes CSM better than the competition?

I have over 30 years in the floor covering industry, 21 of those years at Carpet Super Mart. I know how to do it the Carpet Super Mart way. We take care of all our customers so that they will have the best possible experience. Carpet Super Mart is the best because our employees are the best. They all know how to do it the Carpet Super Mart way.

Why have you stayed with Carpet Super Mart for so many years? What does it mean to you working for a family business?

Working for Carpet Super Mart has given me an opportunity to make a decent living. I enjoy working with my coworkers and have enjoyed working with my many customers over the last 21 years.