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Years Working for CSM: Employed Since: 2013
Job Description: Sales Associate
Phone: 607-769-0521
What do you do for your customers to make their experience with Carpet Super Mart great?

I listen to and acknowledge their expectations and needs first. I then preview the entire show room and warehouse with my customers so they are aware of the many choices that are available. Customers then feel comfortable discussing color, style, and quality.

What makes your service superior? What are your talents when doing your job? How are you unique? What makes CSM better than the competition?

I always address price, fashion, and function. The customer is always in a comfort zone. Once the customer has made selections, we will discuss the pros and cons of each and eliminate buying the wrong product. My job is not to sell floorcovering, but to make sure the customer does not purchase the wrong product. That's unique and separates us from the competition.

Why have you stayed with Carpet Super Mart for so many years? What does it mean to you working for a family business?

After several job interviews, I chose to join the Carpet Super Mart staff because they stress customer service, customer service, customer service. Customers will enjoy working with everyone on our staff, from management and staff to the installers and warehouse personnel. That is the way a family business operates: The Customer Comes First!