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Color Construction

A vinyl flooring manufacturing process where millions of tiny color granules are applied in layer upon layer using hand-cut stencils. The color is built from the backing to the wear surface.


A manufacturing process that intensifies the depth, texture, and realistic look of the floor by aligning the embossing with the printed design.

Heat Welding

A process for sealing seams for linoleum floors and some vinyl sheet floors. Heat welding requires skilled professionals who use specialized tools.

Loose Lay (and Modified Loose Lay)

Loose Lay is an installation method for fiberglass-backed vinyl sheet floors where no adhesive is used for installing the floor. (With Modified Loose Lay installation, adhesive is used just in strategic spots such as under appliances.)

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

A type of flexible, vinyl floor tile and/or plank that has beautiful printed designs protected by a durable urethane wear layer. LVT products are easy to install, but they do require full spread adhesive and the proper sized trowel for installation.

Print Technology

Print technology is used to create extremely realistic patterns. Colors are vibrant and natural with intensified depth and realism. The embossing technology infuses the look with depth and texture.

Seam Sealer

Liquid compound that fuses the seamed edges of vinyl flooring together

Vinyl No-Wax

A surface that protects the color and pattern of the floor, but needs floor polish to maintain a high gloss

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Resilient flooring, available in roll form, providing an installation with few seams

Vinyl Tile

Resilient flooring available in flat pieces usually measuring 12"x 12" which can be installed as individual units